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The all new ROVI X3 Power Base is the perfect complement to Motion Concepts’ full line of innovative power positioning products! Available exclusively through Motion Concepts, the innovative and exciting ROVI X3 boasts the narrowest wheelbase in the industry and all the function and durability you have come to expect from Motion Concepts.

The ROVI X3 is one of the most innovative powerbases ever created. Unlike anything that has come before, the ROVI X3 utilizes an unique chassis configuration that creates MORE stability with LESS overall width. It's a simple, but remarkable breakthrough in power wheelchair design and when paired with our powerful 4-pole motors and patented ARC Suspension, the result is truly noteworthy.


• Industry’s most modular system, featuring up to 55° of CG Tilt, 170° of Recline with Extended Shear Reduction (ESR) and up to 12" of nearly silent Power Seat Elevation

• Available with the full range of Motion Concepts’ accessories and Invacare® Matrx® Seating products, mounted via our all new Ultra Rail and Ultra Track slotted interfaces

• 300 lb. weight capacity

• Seat-to-Floor Heights as low as 17" with 12" of Power Seat Elevation

• 16" - 24" of seat width and 15" - 22" of seat depth adjustment

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Product Specifications

  • HCPC (Billing) Code: K0856, K0861
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat-to-Floor Heights: As low as 17" w/ 12" Power Seat Elevation
  • Seat Width Range: 16" - 24"
  • Seat Depth Range: 15" - 19", 17" - 21", 19" - 22"
  • Base Width: 23.25"
  • Base Length: 36.5"
  • Drive Wheel Size: 14"
  • Caster Wheel Size (front/rear): 6"
  • Turning Radius: 20"
  • Drivetrain: 4-Pole EAD Motors
  • Batteries: 2 x M34
  • Battery Charger: 8A, Off Board
  • Battery Range: 17.7 miles
  • Base Weight (w/ Batteries): 241 lbs.
  • Ground Clearance: 3"
  • Maximum Speed: 5 mph

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